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BPO Buddy was Created and Developed by REO Brokers, for REO Brokers! We know the BPO process and have simplied it for you!

Quickly and easily transfers your comparable data into BPO web forms. We also can provide a BPO web form that you can autopopulate, complete, and print as PDF! That way, you can deliver a BPO directly to your client!

24 hour online application access. Compatible with all major BPO company WEB Forms.

Custom and enhanced data transfer options available along with specialized defaults.

PHASE II - Database Management Features (Completed - see below)

We are a SILVER sponsor for this year's REOMAC conference in Palm Desert! Check out their site: REOMAC 2010.

Most of our upgrades are now completed!

Our new Commercial REO partners, REO Software partners, and new relationships with BPO providers have taken us to a higher level within the BPO automation space.

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BPO Buddy will help your team focus on analyzing data, and providing a clearly communicated opinion. You choose your MLS comparables via your local MLS; export that data to your local computer (.csv file); then BPO Buddy will use that data and insert it into your BPO Valuation form (web form), automatically with 100% accuracy. This is done for most BPO Web Forms.

BPO Buddy is a new online software tool designed specifically for real estate professionals and appraisers performing Broker Price Opinions on WEB FORMS. Our software will save you significant time and effort by inputting your MLS comp data (.csv file) into your online BPO forms automatically within minutes.

We are up and live inCalifornia, Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Conneticut, Washington and Wisconsin.. We will consider BETA in all other states. All that you need to do is send an email to and request to be part of a new BETA. We will contact you to address your special case.

Highlights of our PHASE II Product:

  1. Multiple user environment
  2. Database management (archive your BPO work for future reference)
  3. Assign BPO orders to team members and photo agents
  4. Graphical display with "BPO BUDDY DASHBOARD"
  5. Reporting features - Track what the BPO Companies owe you. See how many BPOs your agents are doing on a daily basis. Know your net and gross profits at a click of a button !!!! This is great when you treat your Valuations Department as a PROFIT CENTER.
  6. ***We are working on Commercial BPOs! Look for updates this quarter.

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